Indian – “The Unquiet Sky (2005)”




3 Responses to “Indian – “The Unquiet Sky (2005)””

  1. Electra5000 Says:

    Too bad everything here is on megaupload. That service isn’t that good, not mentioning those annoying pop ups when you install the search bar (or whatever it’s called)

  2. befriendtheriffs Says:

    Megaupload is the best on my end because of the email notifications without registering, plus it’s the only upload service I’m aware of where you can go up to 500 MB without having to break files into separate parts. If you know of a better server let me know and I’ll use it.

  3. kidonritalin Says:

    great great blog here, I downloaded almost every album.
    about megaupload, I agreed : I can only download 2 or 3 albums free per day. if I must pay somebody, I prefer to send my money to the band or to the label. but you’re right, I don’t know a perfect server, mediafire was the best but seems to suck now. maybe z-share?
    anyway, I want to say thank you for all the great music.
    long live “befriend the riffs’, megaupload or not!

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